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A rant in hand is worth two on livejournal, or something.

Two rants I've wanted out of my system for a while.

1. FSTs about fanfic? Please no. It seems especially self-promoting when it's YOUR OWN fanfic. If you must FST fanfic, make it someone else's writing. Also: songs from Rurouni Kenshin make you think of Slayers? Because they make ME think of RK. Also also: songs from Slayers make you think of Slayers? REALLY?!? YOU DON'T MOTHERFUCKING SAY. I think your FST might seem more like you put thought into finding appropriate songs to represent your series if you didn't take music FROM THE SERIES. (This person is by far NOT the only person who has done this, but I'm picking on her because she was the most recent.) If you must share the anime OP or whatever with people, do it as bonus tracks or something. Don't make it part of the FST. (Similarly, if the series creator already said that such and such is the character's image song, it's sort of cheap to USE it, i.e. "News From the Front" by Bad Religion for Ichigo of Bleach, etc.)

2. I said this in a comment to someone else's rant, but: HOW ARE YOU A FAN OF ANNOYING PEOPLE?! OR OF BEING MELANCHOLY? OR OF DRIVING?!?! ARGH. This huge influx of what I'd call "theme" mixes" drives me up the goddamn wall. THOSE ARE NOT FSTS. I mean, I've really liked some of them! The one on "getaways" (i.e. car chases, etc) was brilliant and for once I even kept the album cover! But it's still not appropriate for this community? I think (ideally), one reason people might be in this comm and not just joining a theme mix comm or audiography or some other music leecher community is because they are interested in fandom stuff. This comm gives you a chance to learn about new fandoms or to see someone else's feelings on your old ones. Night driving is not a fandom. I don't care how good your songs for it are. The city-themed ones (I think there's been singapore and maybe chicago?) are a grey area to me, but I'm pretty sure "coffee" or "being sad" are not fandoms. I like coffee. I might even consider myself a fan of coffee. But I am not in "coffee fandom" and I doubt most people are. I guess I want to say to people, "If your FST would NEVER EVER GET POSTED without 'anything goes' month, maybe you should consider posting it in a different comm." It doesn't mean your mix sucks, it's just not really appropriate.

That is all. >_> For now.

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